Third Level Course

The Master Symbol :
This is the ultimate & empowering symbol among other symbols in Reiki. It is used for bigger tasks, emergencies , higher protection , activation of inner power.
Kundalini (Chakra) Meditation :
This is special type of meditation which awaken our Psychic power , kundalini and all chakras.
Psychic Attack-Healing and Prevention :
Self defence and to protect and save others from Psychic attack and Evil spirits including black magic, white magic and vampires.
The science of crystal healing :
Full information about the crystal science and different ways of healing with crystal. It also includes Reiki healing with crystal grid.
Psychic Surgery :
It is our inborn natural power. It is very simple healing technique which can remove stones, tumors ,fibroids, infected and defected parts of body without actual operation or surgery on the body.
Definite Goal Achievement :
This is the most powerful technique to get anything in life. We can fulfill our dreams with help of Reiki energy, symbols sub-conscious mind and meditation.
The science of chakra's :
It give full information about our body chakra's, their location and working. Various methods of activating them through Reiki symbol, crystal, pyramids etc. .
Chakra and Body Scanner :
A wonderful device to scan our body chakras and other organs. It checks their working status.
Science of Third Eye :
What is this third Third Eye ? How to activate it by various method ?
Kinesology- Muscle response test(MRT) :
It is an amazing technique to diagnose positive & negative effect of food, gems , vaster , environmental energy, person, colour etc. . We can also check our weak and strong chakra's , body organs, deficiency of any victim, protein etc. even from a distance.
Other Powerful Symbols :
Many other Tibetan and Indian symbols of various purposes like good welth and prosperity, symbol of defense , to provide security, protection, to immediate relief from bite of poisonous animal like snake, to eliminate past karma and pain, to balance relationship between husband and wife, business associates, family members to eliminate deep blockage of mind and body etc. .