Reiki Master Course

Know Yourself :
A powerful meditation to know your inner self and increase your potential to take you to endless spiritual heights. You would love to experience it.
Clearing of Prana and all seven chakra :
Instant clearing and purification of physical, mental , emotional, psychic and karmic blockages.
Energy Locking :
A method of binding the power's of one's mind and body to project a powerful shaktipat.
Healing Attunement :
To remove all kinds of all mental , emotional, psychic and physical diseases continuously.
Practical knowledge of Reiki
Full information & Practical knowledge of traditional/modern , Tibetan and Indian process of shaktipat of Reiki I,II,III level.
History of Reiki
The original history of Reiki, its correct symbols and authentic information.
Practice of Reiki
Complete practice of Reiki I, II ,III level initiation.
Karma Reiki
Karma Reiki I, II, III level and practice of its mastership.
Technique to healing
The technique to heal partial by following energy from different part of body other then hands.